Board Members

Prashant Manikal


Prashant ManikalPrashant Manikal has been a volunteer with ICMCA since 2005. He has been an ICMCA Committee member since 2006. A native of Mumbai, India, he has learned to play the tabla from Pandit Sadanand Naimpally during his childhood. He is currently a disciple of tabla maestro Shri Gourisankarji in Austin at the School of Indian Percussion and Music. He works at IBM. His other passions include mountaineering, cross-country skiing and all things outdoors.

Niraja Srinivasan

Vice President & Treasurer

Niraja SrinivasanNiraja has been a patron and supporter of the Indian and Western classical arts for many years and has recently joined ICMCA’s Executive Committee to channel her passion into bringing the highest quality of Indian classical music to Austin rasikas. Prior to ICMCA, Niraja was on the Board of the Ridgefield Music and Arts Center in Connecticut and has held positions in SpicMacay and other university-based organizations in her youth.

Niraja was born into a musical family and hails from the lineage of Shri. Harikesanallur Muthaiah Bhagavatar, an eminent composer and musicologist, 1887-1945. She received the Sangeeta Shiromani diploma in music from Delhi University, while Shri. T.N. Krishnan, was the Dean of the Music Department. Niraja is an executive with Dell in Austin, and spends time with her family – traveling, cooking/eating, and running after their dog, Lara.

Ravi Saraf

Executive Committee Member

Ravy SarafRavi Saraf has been a volunteer for ICMCA from 2013. Earlier he was a member of the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth (SPICMACAY) at Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai from 2000 to 2002. Born in a music loving family, with his grandmother a “kirtankar” and grandfather a Tabla player, Ravi was raised in various places in Maharashtra including Pune and Mumbai. He is a student of Hindustani flute, and took his initial lessons from Shri. H. B. Poddar of Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. Later he became a disciple of Pandit K. P. Shenoy, a veteran flutist of Kirana Gharana, from Bangalore. He has also taken guidance from well-known flutist Shri. Sunil Kant Gupta. Ravi works for Intel as a Silicon Architecture Engineer.

Subir Mukherjee

Executive Committee Member

Subir Mukherjee has been with ICMCA’s committee since 2003. Subir was born in the US, but having been born in a musical family, Subir has always enjoyed listening to Indian Classical Music. In his spare time, Subir plays the tabla and is currently learning from Gourisankar Karmakar at the School of Indian Percussion and Music.

Ravi Pothukuchy

Executive Committee Member

Ravi PothukuchyRavi has been associated with ICMCA, providing photographic coverage of the events during the past few years. Though not trained in any art form, he has been a connoisseur of several arts, particularly music, since his childhood. And he has held various positions in organizations promoting art and culture since his student days.

Ravi works at Dell and during his free time, offers event and portrait photographic services in support of classical arts to many organizations and individuals in Austin.

Ashwin Kamath

Executive Committee Member

AshwinKamathAshwin Kamath has been a volunteer for ICMCA for many years before officially joining the organization. He primarily manages the sound at performances. Ashwin is a Tabla disciple of Sri Gourisankar Karmakar and learns Hindustani on the Guitar from Sri Indrajit Banerjee. He has a keen interest in multiple forms of music ranging from Hindustani to Rock and Jazz and has been a member of multiple performing and composing music groups. He has been a member of the Technology Music Society at IIT Kharagpur when he was a student. He gets all of his musical genes from his mother Mrs. Geeta Kamath.

In his spare time, Ashwin is the CTO at Mangstor, Inc.