Mission & Vision

The Indian Classical Music Circle of Austin (ICMCA) a Non-Profit 501©(3) organization, was founded first in 1975, and then revived again in 1991 by music-lovers in Austin, TX, with the mission of bringing the very best of Indian classical music and dance to Central Texas. Since 1991, ICMCA has organized 100+ concerts in Austin, with cumulative attendance at events exceeding 40,000. Our performers are typically Indian classical musicians/dancers touring the US. In addition to these concerts, we also occasionally feature chamber-music events that are free and open to the public, typically featuring a local, talented amateur artist. We also typically conduct free lecture demonstrations/workshops for the public 1-2 days before our concerts, or on the day of the concert some 30 minutes before the formal start.

ICMCA also strives very hard to be able to present the Indian Music and Dance in Central Texas to underserved audiences as well. In this regard, we continue to target senior citizens and recreation centers (run by the City of Austin) who have expressed an interest in attending select events that have an appeal to them. We also work with several local non-profits who are also dedicated to classical music to ensure that they approve of the artist and his music, and would support our concerts with publicity activities. In some cases, we have also proposed block sales of tickets for a steep discount which they may re-sell to their members at face value.

We are also working with two organizations: VSA Arts of Texas, an organization that works with educational and arts organizations to make their events accessible to disabled citizens, and with Knowbility.org, an organization that makes technology accessible to the disabled, to make our programs accessible to the disabled. We take guidance from these organizations to ensure that we both comply with the rules to ensure access, but also to go above and beyond what is required to ensure that our events attract disabled citizens who have an interest in music.

The community cross-section covered has also expanded in recent years, from South Asians, academics and Ravi Shankar fans, to the wider Austin/San Antonio dance communities and fans of live (not just classical) music.